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1989 Olds Cutlass

Robert Qualls
Location: Phoenix

Year: 1989
Make: Oldsmobile
Model: Cutlass

Chassis Builder: Irv Hoerr
Team: Newman/Sharp Racing
Driver: Scott Sharp
Sponsors: Pepsi/Kmart
Series: Trans Am Series
Championship Standing:
8th for 1989

qualified 4 fast five's
finished 4 podiums
Round 1 Long Beach
Qualified 14th
Race DNF
Round 2 Sears Point
Qualified 11th
Finished 6th
Round 3 Dallas
Qualified 12th
Race DNF
Round 4 Detroit
Qualified 13th
Race DNF
Round 5 Cleveland
Qualified 7th
Finished 3rd Podium
Round 6 Des Moines
Qualified 9th
Finished 25th
Round 7 Brainerd
Qualified 4th Fast 5
Finsihed 3rd Podium
Rond 8 Limerock
Qualified 3rd Fast 5
Round 9 Atlanta
Qualified 4th Fast 5
Round 10 Mid Ohio
Qualified 8th
Finished 3rd Podium
Round 11 Road America
Qualified 7th
Finished 4th
Round 12 Mosport
Qualified 10th
Finished 23rd
Round 13 Topeka
Qualified 10th
Finished 3rd Podium
Round 14 St Petersburg
Qualified 4th Fast 5
Finished 6th

History of car after first team:
In 1990 it was rebodied as a camaro with Duracell livery and driven by Mike Kovacs.
Cleveland 27th
Des Moines 24th
Watkins Glen 32nd
Trois Rivieres 16th
Mosport 16th
Mid Ohio 34th
Road America 13th
St Pete 33rd
Then in 1991 it was sold to Showroom Racing in Texas and club raced until 1993 and then stored and forgotten about until i bought the car in late 2007.

Condition when retired (or found): Found as a roller with camaro body and no motor or trans in a barn in Texas. Currently under full restoration to original set up as in 1989.