about the group

The Trans-am / IMSA group is about bringing back the excitement of tube frame race cars of the 1980’s. This was a time when Factory involvement came back to sports car racing in a big way. Through the 80’s General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Audi, Mazda and Nissan were either overtly or covertly involved. A great number of talented drivers such as Scott Pruett and Jack Baldwin dueled on America’s most exciting tracks. Our group is dedicated to the preservation of the cars that ran in the SCCA Trans-am series and the IMSA GTO class from 1980 until 1991. The variety of cars in these classes ran the gambit from turbo charged 4 cylinder Merkurs to Corvettes with 358 cu in. V-8’s. Our goal is to give the owners of these unique cars a forum, friends to race with, a place to collect and share history of this great era. If we work together these cars will survive and continue to be raced as they were in the day.