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1986 protofab Camaro

Ron Tribble
Occupation: Dentist
Age: 53
Location: Roseburg, Oregon
Number of years in the sport: 5 years in Vintage, previously ran SCCA

Other race cars owned: 1986 Camaro SCCA Trans-am Protofab driven by Wally Dallenbach jr., 1992 Camaro SCCA Trans-am Riley& Scott driven by Scott Sharp, 1967 Z/28 Camaro Trans-am

Year: 1986
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Camaro

Chassis Builder: Protofab
Team: Protofab Racing
Driver: Greg Pickett and Wally Dallenbach Jr.
Sponsors: Chevrolet
Series: SCCA Trans-am
Championship Standing: 1st place 1986 SCCA Trans-am
Race Record: This is Protofab chassis #003 the V-6 car, it was first raced at the 4th race of the season, Detroit. Greg Pickett was the driver. He finished in 6th. The next two races Mid-Ohio and Brainerd Greg won. At the Lime Rock race Wally Dallenbach Jr., who was the points leader, took over in chassis #003. He ran it for the remainder of the season winning at Sears point and he won the 1986 Trans-am driver Championship.

History of car after first team:
The car was run by Les Lindley in the 1987 SCCA Trans-am series. Les finished the year 2nd in points. The car was given back to Chevrolet and in 1988 it was rebuilt completely. It was run for two races in the 1989 Trans-am. Chris Kniefel was the driver. In 1990 Buz McCalls American Equipment Racing ran the car for the full season finishing in 4th with Jack Baldwin as the driver. In 1991 Chevrolet sold the car to John Saurino who ran it in SCCA GT-1. Chris Liebenberg owned the car from 1996 to 1998. In 1998 Bob Aliberto purchased it and began a careful restoration with help from Chris Liebenberg. The #003 chassis was restored back to 1986 Spec’s. After 8 years Bob raced it for the first time at Watkins Glen. The Camaro was restored back to it Protofab Racing Livery. I purchased the car from Bob in August of 2008.

Condition when retired (or found):
The car is very nicely restored.