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1985 Tommy Riggins Buick Somerset

Name: Shaun B. Coleman
Occupation: Business development and marketing, (High-tech) VMware, Inc.
Age: 31
Location: Saratoga, CA
Number of Years in the sport: 7
Other race cars owned: 1971 BMW 2002tii B-Sedan,

Year: 1990
Make: Oldsmobile
Model: Cutlass Supreme
Chassis Builder: Tommy Riggins (Riggins Competition)

First Raced By
Team: Danielson Racing
Drivers: (1985-1988) Dick Danielson
Sponsors: Buick, Delco suspensions, MAC Tools, Moroso
Championship Standings: Unknown
Race Record: Unknown

History of car after first team
: 1987 SCCA Trans-Am season #65
28th - Detroit
24th - Mid-Ohio
20th - Road America
17th - Road Atlanta
28th St. Petersburg

1986-1987 IMSA Kelly American Challenge season #17
Raced in the entire IMSA Kelly American Challenge 86 and 87 season with the same car as #17 winning several races.

History of car after first team:
Car sold to Troy Waldron on Mothers day 1988
Troy then raced it in the following races as a Buick Somerset:
1989 SCCA Trans-Am Dallas Grand Prix
1989 IMSA AAC Watkins Glen
1989 IMSA AAC San Antonio
1990 IMSA AAC Watkins Glen
1990 IMSA AAC San Antionio
Car was then re-bodied as an 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass with the help of Irv Hoer to compete in the 1990 SCCA Trans Am race in Dallas where Buick’s had been forbidden.
Car raced in the following events as a 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass
1990 SCCA Trans-Am Dallas
1990 IMSA AAC New Orleans
1991 SCCA Trans-Am Texas World Speedway
1992 IMSA GTO New Orleans
Condition when retired (or found):
Found as a GT1 class race car racing in SCCA Club races in the New England area by owner Boomer Mumford. I purchased the car in 2005 and have been racing it in club races ever since.
The car is currently in the process of being re-bodied and restored as a Buick Somerset to its original 1987 SCCA Trans Am racing condition for the upcoming Portland Historic race.