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1985-86 Ford Mustang

Owner:Phil Gallant
Location: Oceanside, CA
Car:Roush Mustang
Year: 1985/86
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Chassis Builder: Roush Racing
Roush Protofab Chassis #008
Completion date: December 1984
Originally built for: Trans/Am as a Capri

Campaigned by Roush Protofab in 1985 by Willy R. Ribbs in the Trans/Am series. Campaigned by Roush in the 1986 IMSA GTO class, driven by Scott Pruitt and won the GTO Championship.
Campaigned by Roush and driven by Deborah Gregg in the Trans/Am series in 1987.
Campaigned by Roush and driven by Wally Dallenbach Jr. in the select races for the 1988 season.
Sold to Bob Zeeb (chassis #013 was traded in) in 1989, who ran it in the Trans/Am series.
Sold to Mel Ervin of Chesaning Mich. For son Mark in 1996 and used in the SCCA National Gt-1 series.
Sold to Tony Canahute of the Dominican Republic in 1997.
Sold to Chris Liebenbeg of New Milford CT in 1999.
Sold to Paul Fix of Buffalo N.Y. in 1999 and restoration to 1986 championship configuration started.
Sold to Phil Gallant of Oceanside in 2006.