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1981 protofab Mustang

3 Dog Garage

Car: Protofab and Firestone Chassis #01
Year: 1981
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang

Chassis Builder: Protofab
Team: MCA/Firestone Chassis #01
Driver: John Morton and Tom Klauser
Sponsors: Firestone
Series: IMSA GTO 1982-83

History of car after first team:
Sold to Marshall Robbins in 1984 for SCCA events. Traded in to Roush Racing where it was updated with Roush bodywork and used as a show car. It was then sold to David Vaughn in 1987 for SCCA events. Then sold to Roman Tucker in 1994 where restoration was started. 3 Dog Garage purchased the car in 2007 and is finishing the restoration.